One Percent GC Realty is giving property sellers the chance to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars in commission fee's while still receiving 100% Real Estate service.

No one likes overpaying for anything and it hurts having to pay so much in commission fee's when you sell your property even when you get a great price! 

At One Percent GC Realty its all about selling for a great price and putting the profits back in your pocket!

With property prices rising so much over the years we believe charging 1% is a fair cost for sellers.

One Percent GC Realty are dedicated and motivated towards customer care and results. Our goal is to make sure you achieve yours! 

Please contact One Percent GC Realty for any advice whether buying or selling property anywhere across the Gold Coast.

It will be WORTH IT.

Commission Comparison

A property sells for $960,000 at 1% Commission the fee is $9,600 leaving you with $950,400.

At a 2.5% Commission Rate the agent gets a whopping $24,000 leaving you with $936,000.

At One percent GC Realty we use  Open2view for our Marketing and Pure Design Concepts for the Floor and Site Plans and your Listing will be seen on as a Premier Listing, Domain,,,, and my Website.


Warm Regards

Alistair Hamilton

One Percent GC Realty

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